HHKB Classic Keyboard (Charcoal/Blank Keycaps) PD-KB401BN

HHKB Classic Keyboard (Charcoal/Blank Keycaps) PD-KB401BN

HHKB Classic Keyboard (Charcoal/Blank Keycaps) PD-KB401BN

60-Key Tenkeyless Professional Keyboard 45g USB-C

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  • Topre capacitive key switches and 45g key weight for the ultimate typing experience
  • 60-Key Tenkeyless near-symmetrical layout keeps your fingers on the home row
  • USB-C
  • Ideal for developers, authors, journalists and other touch-typing professionals

Product Description

You know how important it is to choose the right tool for a job. But are you using the right keyboard for your livelihood?

We invite you to experience the Happy Hacking Keyboard, the minimalist, Japanese cult classic originally developed for elite coders, but equally suitable for authors, journalists and other touch-typing professionals. It’s different from mechanical and membrane keyboards; it’s designed for durability, precision & throughput, mobility and comfort, with only the essentials.

Every keyboard function, easily accessible. Not a single unnecessary key. A unique layout that makes sense for the way you work.


  • Near Symmetrical Layout and cylindrical step sculpted design keep your fingers at home, on the home row
  • 60-Key Tenkeyless format makes every key easily within reach
  • Topre capacitive key switches provide ultimate keystroke precision
  • 45g Key Weight for a responsive and natural touchtype experience
  • USB-C connection
  • Dipswitches enable customisation of Keyboard Mode and reassignment of keys
  • 3 height settings allow you to adjust the angle of tilt from the rear of the keyboard
  • Premium textured PBT for shine resistant keycaps and spacebar
  • Keyswitch Lifetime = 50m Keystrokes
  • Weighs only 530g making it an ideal travel companion
  • Chassis & Keycap Colour = Charcoal
  • Windows® / macOS® compatible
  • Designed and made in Japan = Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication

Technical Specifications

  • Model: HHKB Professional Classic (Charcoal/Blank Keycaps)
  • Model Number: PD-KB401BN
  • Layout: Near-Symmetrical 60-Key Modified US ANSI Layout
  • Chassis Format: Ultra-Compact Tenkeyless Keyboard
  • Chassis Colour: Charcoal
  • Keycap Colour: Charcoal
  • Keycap Legends: No keycap legends
  • Keycap & Spacebar Material: Textured Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Key Weight: 45 g
  • Key Travel: 4 mm
  • Key Pitch: 19.05 mm
  • Key Switches: Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches
  • Key Switch Lifetime: 50 million keystrokes
  • Key Switch Structure: Rubber Dome, Conical Spring
  • Chassis & Key Ergonomics: Cylindrical Step Sculpted design
  • Dipswitch Customisation: Keyboard Mode Selection [HHKB Mode, Lite Ext Mode, Mac Mode] / Key Assignment & Wake Up Host [Delete Key, Meta Key, Alt Key, Wake up host PC]
  • Keymapping Software: Settings written to the HHKB *²
  • USB Interface: USB Type-C
  • USB Cable: 1.8 m (Detachable with Type-C Connector)
  • Height/Tilt Adjustment: 3 Positions
  • Keyboard Dimensions (W x D x H): 294 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm
  • Keyboard Weight: 530g
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5°C – 35°C (41°F – 95°F)
  • Operating Humidity Range: 20% – 80% (non-condensing)
  • Supported Operating Systems *³: Windows® 10 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows® 8.1 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows® Server 2016, Windows® Server 2012, Windows® Server 2008. macOS® Catalina 10.15, macOS® Mojave 10.14, macOS® High Sierra 10.13, macOS® Sierra 10.12.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year PFU Warranty *⁴, Advance Exchange Next Business Day *⁵ Includes replacement product and two-way shipping costs
  • Country of Origin: Made and designed in Japan


*² Keymap software requires a USB connection to a PC running Windows®.*³ HHKB Hybrid Type-S may work with other Operating Systems including many Linux distributions, although PFU cannot guarantee the keyboard is operable with any Operating Systems except those listed above.*⁴ Valid for 2 years from the original purchase date of the product.*⁵ Next Business Day available in some countries, geographic limitations may apply. Where Next Business Day is not available, exchanges typically take place within 1-2 days.

What's in the Box

  • HHKB Classic
  • 1.8 metre USB-C Cable
  • User's Guide
  • Safety Precautions
  • 2 Year PFU Warranty
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